So, this photography trip keeps getting to be more fun. A few years ago, some great people over at McLennan Community College asked me if I’d teach an Introduction to Photography class.

I said, “sure!” Although I didn’t really know how the class would look, I figured we’d get there, somehow. The next thing they asked me was what book I wanted to use. Although I’ve read a LOT of photography books, there isn’t one that had what I wanted to teach, so, I made lecture notes and started handing them out to the class. Over time, there ended up being a LOT of notes.

This area of the web site is what I’ve learned, and will continue to morph as we learn more. Many thanks to my students, who have served as terrific editors.

There are three goals to these notes:

  1. They should help you understand how your camera works, in plain language you can understand
  2. They should be set up so you can easily find the specific area you need.
  3. They should help you discover your own vision

I don’t want to teach you how to take photographs like I take photographs. I want you to get control of your camera so you can take the photographs you want to take.