2017-18 Crawford Pirate Band

For the last couple of years, Mr. Yguerabide and I have been working on creating a way to commemorate the hard work and dedication that the band puts in, and to document the participation of students in the band, giving parents and the members a way, years from now, to look back and recall the hard work, good times and friends during this special time of life.
Because I’ve received comments from several people that they are having trouble with the Paypal payment option as set up in the gallery, until I can work out the bugs, I’m pulling the Paypal option off, and adding a contact form to the posts. If you’d like to purchase either the group photo or photos of one of the band members, fill in the form. Include the quantity and type of photos you want, and I’ll email you back, confirm everything, and we can proceed from there.

Photo Type Size Price
Individual 8×10 15.00
Individual 5×7 7.50
Individual 8 wallet photos 15.00
Individual 4×6 2.50
Group 8×10 15.00
Group 11×14 25.00
Canvas stretched prints 8×10 100.00
Canvas stretched prints 11×14 200.00
Canvas stretched prints 16×20 250.00

All photos will have a charge of $3.00 for mailing (per order, not per photo,) and 8.25% state sales tax.